How To Forward LungeSetupStart with your feet about shoulder width apart and toes facing forward. Use the cue superman chest throughout the entirety of the set. Meaning, imagine you have the superman logo on your chest and show off that logo for the entirety of the set. This will help you keep a tall chest and your shoulder blades pulled back. Also, this cue will help you keep your torso vertical.PerformingInitiate the first rep by taking a step forward. You should dictate your stride length by the body part you’d like to focus on. Use a shorter stride length if you want to recruit the quads more. The shorter stride length will increase the range of motion at your knees. If you want to recruit the glutes a bit more, take a longer stride. A longer stride will increase the range of motion at the hips.You can either let your arms stay to your sides, you can place your hands on your hips (as you can see in our demo video) or you can use prayer hands.Let your back knee gently tap the floor. Push off your front heel explosively to push yourself back into the starting position. You can either do all reps on one side or alternate sides.As you fatigue, be careful to not let your chest begin to sag forward, or let your lumbar spine round.  If the forward lunge is too difficult, try out a reverse lunge. It’s an easier variation.