How To Perform The Dumbbell Wrist CurlSetupYou will need a box or a bench. You can either take a seated position (like in our demo video), or a kneeling position. In the seated position, put your feet shoulder width, and drape your forearms over your knees. In a kneeling position, drape your forearms over the edge of the box, or a bench. Your forearms should be far enough off the box or bench that you can fully flex your wrist at the bottom of the range of motion.PerformingLet the dumbbells fully extend your wrists before initiating the concentric. Flex your wrists and point your fists up towards the ceiling as high as you possibly can. You should feel the forearm muscles on the bottom of your arm contract really hard. Make sure to focus on the range of motion with this exercise. It can be very easy to begin doing partial range of motion reps on this exercise. Like any other exercise, when you can no longer perform the adequate range of motion end the set