How To Perform The Cable PushdownSet UpSet the cable pin all the way to the top. You can use a rope or a straight bar attachment for this exercise. In our demo video, we are using a rope so our instructions will be specific to that.Grab onto the rope and take a few steps back. You can start with your elbows in an extended or flexed position.Push your butt back slightly. This will get your hips out of the way giving your arms enough room to fully extend.Performing The Cable PushdownMy favorite cue to use on the Tricep Push Down is, “T-Rex arms.” It’s extremely important that you keep your upper arm and your elbows glued to your side. Your elbow joint should be causing the movement and your forearm should be the only moving body part. This will keep the stress and tension purely on your triceps and not recruit other body parts. Make sure to fully extend and flex your elbows on each rep.Be careful of swinging and bouncing on this exercise. It is very common to use too much weight on this exercise. If you find yourself having to use momentum, the weight is too heavy. Also, if you notice your shoulders beginning to roll forward on the concentric, the weight is too heavy. Your central nervous system is extremely intelligent and will help you get from point A to point B by any means necessary. It will begin trying to recruit your anterior deltoid and pec major by rolling your shoulders forward on top of the rope or straight bar so you can press the weight down instead of performing a strict Triceps Extension.