Barbell Curtsy Lunge: A Comprehensive Guide

Select a barbell and adjust the weight to a suitable level for your fitness level
Stand with your feet hip-width apart and your hands gripping the barbell, palms facing forward
Keep your back straight and your shoulders relaxed
Engage your core muscles to maintain balance and stability

How to Perform

Step your right foot diagonally behind you to the left, crossing it behind your left foot
Bend your left knee to lower your hips down towards the ground, keeping your right knee close to the ground
Return to the starting position by pushing through your left heel to stand up
Repeat the lunge on the other side by crossing your left foot behind your right foot
Perform the desired number of reps on each side


Maintain a straight back and keep your core engaged throughout the movement
Ensure your front knee does not extend past your ankle as you lower your body
Keep your weight distributed evenly between both feet
Focus on maintaining balance and control as you perform each rep

Things to Avoid

Avoid arching your back or hunching forward as you lower your body
Do not let your front knee extend too far past your ankle, as this can place unnecessary stress on your knee joint
Avoid rounding your shoulders or neck, and keep your gaze forward
Do not use momentum or swing the barbell to complete the movement